Missed Deliveries, Payment and Refund Policies

This Missed Deliveries / Collections, Payments, Cancellations, Holds, & Credit / Refund Policy (this “Policy”) describes CHFP’s policies for dealing with missed deliveries / collections, payments, cancellations, holds, and credits / refunds as they relate to Shareholders. 

Capitalized words not defined in this Policy shall have such meanings ascribed to them in our Terms and Conditions of Service Agreement, which can be found at For clarity, the terms “you,” or “your” shall refer to, as applicable, each Visitor, User, and/or Shareholder, and the terms “us,” “we,” or “our” refer to CHFP.


If the CHFP does not receive your payment by the Deadline (defined below) prior to your scheduled delivery date, CHFP will place your account on “hold,” and your farm share order (each, a “Farm Share”) will not be delivered. You can resume receiving your Farm Share by simply submitting the payment for the next delivery prior to the Deadline before such scheduled delivery date.

If possible, we ask that if you know in advance that you will be unable to make the payment for the next delivery or do not wish to receive the next delivery, that you kindly (i) contact us by calling us at 212-870-2003 or emailing us at by 4:00 p.m. (EST) the Wednesday prior to your next delivery date, (ii) inform your site coordinator during the prior week’s distribution site hours or (iii) make the changes directly on your CHFP account on Farmigo, Inc. (each, a “Farmigo Account”) by 11:59 p.m. (EST) the Wednesday before your next delivery date (each such deadline referred to in items (i) – (iii) are collectively referred to as the “Deadline”). 

For example, if the delivery date is for the second Wednesday of the month, depending on the way you wish to cancel / put on hold / resume your delivery, you will have until the end of the distribution site hours for the first week’s delivery, 11:59 p.m. (EST) (if done via your Farmigo Account) or until 4:00 p.m. (EST) (if done by contacting CHFP directly) on the first Wednesday of the month to do so. 

Please also see Section 3 (Hold Policy) for more information regarding putting holds on your Farm Share.


If you are unable to collect your Farm Share, we recommend sending someone as a proxy to collect the Farm Share on your behalf. CHFP works hard to provide Shareholders with a weekly delivery of fresh produce, and unfortunately we cannot accommodate last minute changes in Shareholders’ collection plans. 

If a proxy will be collecting your Farm Share, please make sure that the proxy provides us with your name at the time of collection. CHFP and its employees and / or volunteers, if acting in good faith, will not be liable for any losses resulting from such proxy collections.

If your Farm Share is not collected by you or your proxy during your scheduled delivery time, which can be found at, such Farm Share will be donated to a local food pantry or non-profit. A non-exhaustive list of food pantries and non-profits where CHFP donates uncollected Farm Shares can be found on our Website. The list may be subject to change at our sole discretion and without notice.

Please note that we do not issue credit or refunds for missed Farm Share collections and that CHFP will not resell your Farm Share.


Shareholders have the option to place a “hold” on their Farm Shares. To place a hold, Shareholders must request the hold in one of the following ways prior to the applicable Deadline: (1) through their Farmigo Account, (2) by informing their site coordinator, or (3) by contacting us at 212-870-2003 or at 

All holds requested after the Deadline will not go into effect until the week following the next scheduled delivery. For example, if the Deadline is January 10th for a January 17th delivery, and your hold request is placed on January 11th, the hold will be applied to the following scheduled delivery (i.e., January 24th). 

Shareholders will not be charged for deliveries successfully put on hold prior to the Deadline, unless otherwise specified herein.

To remove a hold, Shareholders must request to have the hold removed prior to the Deadline before the next scheduled delivery and make the required payment. 

All hold removals requested after the Deadline will go into effect the week following the next scheduled delivery. For example, if your Farm Share is currently on hold and the Deadline is January 10th for a January 17th delivery, if your hold removal request is placed on January 11th, you will not get the January 17th delivery but the January 24th delivery instead.


Our Shareholders are active partners in our food movement, so we would hate to see you go. However, you may cancel your Farm Share at any time, and for any reason, through your Farmigo Account. Cancellations must be put through prior to the Deadline or else the cancellation will only be in effect for the following scheduled delivery. Please note that, unless otherwise specified herein, a cancellation fee of fifteen dollars ($15) will be charged for cancellations of pre-paid orders.


A lot of coordination goes into preparing and packaging each Farm Share, and as farming is not a perfect science, please understand that CHFP may, from time-to-time, need to adjust the content of the Farm Shares due to weather conditions, damaged crops, etc. If it is reasonably determined by CHFP that your Farm Share is incomplete or damaged when you pick it up, CHFP will be happy to offer you a substitution, credit, or refund as further detailed herein. 

We strongly encourage you to inspect your Farm Share prior to leaving the distribution site. If your Farm Share is damaged, please contact your site coordinator while you are still at your distribution site, and such person will record your claim request. You may also report issues with your Farm Share by calling us at 212-870-2003 or emailing us at

In the case of missing and / or damaged items from the Farm Share that were not substituted at the current delivery, CHFP will provide substitutions in your next Farm Share. For missing and / or damaged add-on items (as defined in the Shareholder Agreement at, CHFP will provide a refund or a credit. 

At the end of the season, all Shareholders with credits remaining in their accounts will be given the option to get a refund, rollover their credits to the next season, or donate such amounts to CHFP. All Shareholders will get an email (at the email address provided in their Farmigo Account) informing them of their options, and will have thirty (30) days to respond. Please note that if you do not respond within the given timeframe, a credit will be automatically deemed requested. 

Please note that refunds and credits may take up to thirty (30) days to process.

Updated June 1st, 2017