Barrel + Brine
City: Buffalo, NY,
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About Us
Since 2015 Barrel + Brine has given new life to an old tradition by reinvigorating time-tested fermentation and pickling techniques passed down through generations. By combining those techniques with local ingredients and a culinary focused palate, we create delicious, healthy food and drink.

Barrel + Brine makes small batch artisanal kimchi, probiotic rich sauerkraut, fresh pack pickles, and a vibrant range of kombucha from our shop/eatery located on Buffalo's West Side.
Does this need to stay refrigerated? Yes. Our pickles are cold packed to ensure you get the freshest, crunchiest pickles around. We never heat treat our pickles. Our sauerkrauts, kimchi and kombucha tea are naturally raw, fermented products. Colder temperatures slow the fermentation process, while keeping it very much alive and probiotic. We're all forgetful sometimes, so if you happen to forget to put it back in the refrigerator, just pop it back in and bring it back down to a cool temperature.