Lost Bread Company
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Lost Bread Co. is about making good bread - the kind that provides a sturdy canvas for your meal, nourishes, and tastes great. They respect and fairly compensate the bakers, porters, packers, drivers and retail workers who make their bread and get it into your hands. They are committed to exploring a lost culinary heritage of thrifty ingenuity, donating or re-purposing excess bread to keep it out of the landfill. They do their best to ensure that the resources exchanged to run the bakery support their local economy.
Lost Bread Co. preserves the vitality of local, organic grain by milling fresh flour on their New American Stone Mill. Besides their organic bread flour, all of the grain they use is grown and processed in the mid-Atlantic without the use of glyphosates or other practices that are detrimental to life on our planet at large.